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The Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival is the official owner of its own Tartan!

Over the years many of our volunteers have talked in passing about creating a tartan design for the festival. The festival’s founding family, The Banks’, decided it would be a wonderful achievement to help us celebrate our 15th Anniversary. They spent time working with experts on the project as a gift to commemorate the Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival. Our design was submitted and approved by The Scottish Register of Tartans on September 3, 2015, making our ownership official and adding it to the world’s only tartan database. We believe it’s a great achievement for our festival – something we can all share and even brag about because we all own this design!

Our Tartan Details


Blue represents the festival being held along the shore of Great Lake Ontario, and all the colors represent the Celtic Nations celebrated at the festival, based on the modern flags of each country.


The Niagara Celtic Festival Tartan has no use restrictions. This means the design can be used by festival participants and guests, helping everyone to feel like part of the Niagara Celtic family.

How Can it Be Used?

Our tartan can be used for fabric/ clothing items: kilts, skirts, dresses, ties, blankets, hats, shirts and more. At the current moment our tartan can be woven by any company.

Order Now:

Places to go for the fabric and/or products made with the tartan: – based in Rochester, NY ~ guarantees the proper measurements with a personal fitting by a local professional.

ScotWeb Tartan Mill- Direct from Scotland, click the link and save 10% off your purchase.

Bute Fabrics

The House of Edgar


All proceeds will go towards the 17th Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival in 2017. Clothing products are from Garmin, don't shrink and are of the highest quality. Thanks to sponsor D & T Graphics for their massive design and printing support!

Please Note: It will take a few days to process your order; expect delivery in 1-3 weeks. Occasionally we run out of sizes- if this happens we'll notify you and process a full refund.

Our online store is on hold until after the 17th festival. Please visit our Souvenir Tent in Region 4 to get the all-new 2017 souvenirs!


Big Sea, Little Boat: Dear God, be good to me; the sea is so wide, and my boat is so small.

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