18th Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival & Highland Games

September 15 & 16, 2018

Saturday 10am-10pm | Sunday 10am-6pm


Animals | Community Organizations | Kid's Corner | Living History

Niagara Celtic always hosts a wonderful array of demonstrations and hands-on experience with a variety of animals, including breeds direct from the British Isles.

spirit wind farm

Pony Rides by Spirit Wind Farm

Come and meet these beautiful ponies, who love our guests- especially the wee ones! Your kids can enjoy a free pony ride, allowing hands-on fun plus great photo opportunities.


red plaid farm

Scottish Sheep from Red Plaid Farm

Fairgoer favorites, the blackfaced Scottish sheep always add spontaneous fun and memorable experiences with our guests! Come and make friends with this small herd of friendly animals.

community groups

Regions 4 & 6 plays host to a variety of wonderful different groups, including local organizations, non-profits and more. Enjoy amazing displays and products, along with plenty of chances to support these hard working volunteers.

Brianna's Buddies

Drive Against Diabetes

Lockport Ancient Order of Hibernians

Newfane American Legion Post 873

Newfane Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center *Saturday Only

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society


highland game training

Swing a round of mini golf. Throw the Caber pole. Take a chance at the ring toss. Visit the Fairy Kingdom. Build a craft!

Fun for kids is endless at the festival, from the music to the food, demonstrations to entertainment. The heart of the fun is the Kid's Corner, which contains every activity you can dream to do and more!

Mini Highland Games Training
Pot O’ Gold Toss
Sandi McCrabby Gem Hunt
Fishing at Turtle Bay
Celtic Castle Mini Golf
Fairy Garden, including: bubbles, bug toss, daffodil ring toss
Magic Pan Flute
Draughts and Knots & Crosses
Celtic Crafts and Face Painting
A Mother's Tent wil be available near the Fairy Garden for those with Wee Ones who need a quiet private place.

**Note: To ensure maximum fun and safety for kids, we kindly request dogs attending the festival to skip the Kid's Corner and enjoy the rest of the grounds!**

kid's corner

A Quest! A Quest! - from the Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen has called for a Quest to find Knights of the Fairy Realm:

"As Queen of the Fairy Realm, I challenge you to a quest.

To prove your knightly gifts, out you go to pass 5 tests:

Blow a Bubble

Catch a Fish

Play a Tune

Toss a Coin

Return a Gem

To be the Best

Is that all? You surely jest! If you dare, find the Fairy Doors around the Celtic Fest!"

The Fairy Queen will be in attendance for half of one hour at the following times:

11:30 | 12:30 | 1:30 | 2:30 | 3:30

Following completion of the Fairy Queen's Quest, new Knights may join Knight School, which will be in session for half of one hour at the following times:

12pm | 1pm | 2pm | 3pm | 4pm

Also don't miss these other special guests:

*Sit a spell and enjoy stories & songs with Sorcha Bell

*Visit the Storyteller's Tree and be entertained with wonderful tales and puppetry from The Bard of Basswood

Throughout the weekend you'll see history come alive in various ways, all thanks to those who honor centuries of Celtic culture. Better yet, you can join in! Hear stories, join in a sing along, learn about swordfighting and even prepare for battle against the British!

the 13th Realm

The 13th Realm

The 13th Realm are re-enactors who recreate European 13th century. Their family friendly demonstrations and activities allow guests to have first-hand experiences with this wonderful part of our past.


Clann of the Wolf

Clann of the Wolfe: 1745 Jacobite Rebellion

The Jacobite Rebellion (1745-1746), under the command of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, was the last attempt to reclaim the throne of Great Britain & Ireland. This rebellion threw Scotland into such turmoil that it effectively ended the Clan system as it had existed for centuries. As a confederation of living historians, Clann of the Wolfe comes together each year to recreate this period in history and bring it to life for ourselves and the general public.


FAWA Ironwerks

Clann of the Wolfe: Highland Camp Life

Clann of the Wolfe remains on festival grounds the entire weekend, complete with a full schedule of living history activities with men, women and children. Visit the camp to see the activities of daily life during the 18th century: food preparation, spinning, tea, ceremonies, open fire cooking & much more!


Clan Stewart Presentations

Clann Stewart Presentations

Meet Marie: Mary, Queen of Scots

Come and learn about the life of Mary Stuart, one of the most legendary Queens of Scotland. You'll find this presentation running all weekend in Region 3's craftsmen area.


macfarlane's company

MacFarlane's Company

MacFarlanes Company is a volunteer organization that uses Living History presentations to teach people, primarily about the rich history and culture of Scotland and the Scottish diaspora in North America. By their efforts, MacFarlanes Company raises funds to support the outstanding stewardship and preservation work done by The National Trust for Scotland.


Society of Historical & Fantasy Times (SHFT)

Society of Historical & Fantasy Times (SHFT)

Gain wonderful knowledge and hands-on experience with ancient weapons and battle skills. SHFT members perform demos all weekend long, giving presentations and letting guests join in as well.


The Sterling Invaders

Sterling Invaders

Direct from The Sterling Renaissance Festival, these invaders are here to share in the fun and joviality of the Ren Faire with our guests! You never know where you’ll meet them, but they’re sure to make your visit more wonderful. They may even get you involved in their fun as well!


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May the leprechauns be near you to spread luck along your way.

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