Living History

Throughout the weekend you'll see history come alive in various ways, all thanks to those who honor centuries of Celtic culture. Better yet, you can join in! Hear stories, join a sing along, learn about swordfighting and even prepare for battle against the British!

Updates begin in 2021.
living history  

clan stewart presentations
Clan Stewart Presentations ten years

Mary, Queen of Scots

Come and learn about the life of Mary Stuart, one of the most legendary Queens of Scotland. The presentation runs all weekend-long.



challenger learning center

Mobile Planetarium  New!

from the Challenger Learning Center

Shows daily at 12:30pm, 2:30pm & 4:30pm inside The Great Hall. Limited to 20 persons per show, so please arrive very early!

Step inside and enjoy a show of constellations. Enjoy a journey through the same stars that ancient Celts saw in the night sky.   




Society for Historical & Fantasy Times (SHFT) ten years

**Saturday Only**

Gain wonderful knowledge and hands-on experience with ancient weapons and battle skills. SHFT members perform demos all weekend long, giving presentations and letting guests join in as well.



spangler forge

Spangler Forge  

Spangler Forge is a true blacksmith shop: no power hammers, hydraulic presses, or propane forges. They combine traditional hand-forging techniques with modern metallurgy to create unique and lasting pieces. Human spirit meets hot iron, just like it has for thousands of years.



wishing tree

Wishing Tree five years

The tree's origins come from old traditions in Celtic nations; variations include Fairy Trees, May Trees, Votive Trees, and more. Visitors add their wishes as offerings to local saints, deities or wee folk, in hopes they can receive help or guidance towards their wish or prayer. At the end of the weekend all wishes are ceremoniously sent to the heavens with help from the Fire Sculpters, where we hope many receive help in coming true!



Clan Village

The History and pride of the Scottish people thrives in the descendants of the original families of Scotland and Ireland, known as Clans. They honor their ancestors by celebrating the traditions and heritage that have held their families together for generations. A visit is highly recommended, as the living history of Clan Village cannot be missed.

clan village

Welcome to our 2021 Clans!

clan anderson

Anderson Society  New!

clan donald usa

Clan Donald USA 

clan donnachaidh

Clan Donnachaidh

graham society

Graham Society

clan gunn

Clan Gunn Host Clan!  ten years

clan hall

Clan Hall five years

clan hannay

Clan Hannay

clan hay

Clan Hay  New!

clan home

Clan Home

clan macdougall

Clan MacDougall

clan stewart

Stewart Society in America

clan turnbull

Clan Turnbull
Host Clan!


Celtic College

Celebrating history and heritage of the Celts is a priority for the Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival. The Celtic College hosts a series of cultural classes and lectures designed to educate and enlighten you. Here's your chance to learn first-hand about bagpipes, Celtic poetry, genealogy and more- new topics every year. Make sure your visit includes one or more of these FREE classes!

celtic college

Saturday, Sept. 18th




Welsh Traditional Music 101 with Sally Schaefer (MA in Ethnomusicology from Cardiff University, Wales)

Dive into Welsh music and discover its rich history, wonderful instruments, and unque styles. Hear field recordings and live demonstrations.


Titanic Revisited: Irish Connections to the Historic Ocean Liner by Ann Marie Linnabery


A Blade Fit for a Legend: Recreating a Bronze Age Celtic Sword with Ken McIntosh


Enter the Mystic Stone Circles of Celtic Lands by Jeanne Crane


Illuminated Manuscripts Class with Vic Thibault

Learn how to create your own illustration in the style of the Book of Kells.


Sunday, Sept. 19th




Haunted Places of Ireland by Eileen Canning

Ireland is rich in history and ghost stories. This presentation showcases several sites with reported hauntings.


The Celts: An ancient game of telephone from Kyle MacCallum (of SYR)


The Culture and Language of Ireland by Margaret McGrath


Niagara Celtic hosts a wonderful array of demonstrations and hands-on experience with a variety of animals, including breeds direct from the British Isles.


agility dream dogs

Agility Dream Dogs

Enjoy the amazing skills and tricks of some wonderful Shelties (a Scottish breed) and their friends. Catch their show twice daily.


spirit wind farm

Pony Rides by Spirit Wind Farm

Come and meet these beautiful ponies, who love our guests- especially the wee ones. Your kids can enjoy a free pony ride, allowing hands-on fun plus great photo opportunities.


Family Friendly

Kids of all ages can find endless fun throughout the grounds from the music to the food, demonstrations to attractions. We've made it easier for your to plan your outing by highlighting amazing family-friendly activities you won't want to miss!

family friendly

mr no the balloon guy

Balloon Art Fun by  Mr. NO the Balloon Guy New!

**Sunday Only**

Watch magic and art combine as Mr. NO creates balloon sculptures of all kinds! Kids will delight as ballons are transformed into delightful characters. Find him in the Wee Folk Shire on Sunday afternoon.


Harpist Elizabeth Reiller

Nixie, the Magical Fairy Harpist

**Saturday Only**

Enjoy the ethereal sounds of the harp from our visiting fairy! She will appear and perform in the Wee Folk Shire during the afternoon. So if you hear the music playing, follow it and enjoy the show!


storyteller's tree

The Storyteller's Tree

Storytelling was vital during the time of ancient Celts, as a way to share history, lessons and fantasy. Come to the Storyteller's Tree and sit for a while as you enjoy tales covering everything from Celtic to local heritage. Whether it's a fanciful teller of tales or a talking tree, make sure to spend a little time relaxing with our storytellers. Showtimes and story lengths vary; visit often during festival weekend!


storyteller's tree


Wee Folk Shire

Wonder and adventure are found everywhere in Niagara Celtic's Wee Folk Shire. Journey through three mini-lands designed to encourage education, imagination, active play and togetherness.

Whimsy’s Knob

  • Brittany Bowling
  • Blocks for Building
  • Fishing at Turtle Bay
  • Gnome Hole
  • Pot O’ Gold Toss
  • An Bothán de Gobán Saor – The Hut of Gobban the Builder
  • Sandbox Play

Queen’s Keep

  • Fairy Queen’s Court
  • Balloon Sculpting
  • Celtic Crafts
  • Face Painting
  • Mother’s Corner

Vale of Glamorgan

  • Bubble Garden
  • Bug Toss
  • Daffodil Toss
  • Gaelic Mini-Golf

20th Anniversary Honors

The stars honor the amazing participants who've supported Niagara Celtic over the years. Each star shows (at least) how long they've been part of our amazing Celtic family. Thanks for everything you bring to make this festival what it is! 
20 years
15 years
10 years
5 years