23rd Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival & Highland Games

September 14 & 15, 2024 | Saturday 10am-10:30pm; Sunday 10am-7:00pm



Living History

Throughout the weekend you'll see history and culture come alive in various ways, all thanks to those who honor all aspects of Celtic life. Better yet, you can join in! Hear stories, peruse specialty collections, learn about swordfighting, and more.

the 13th realm
The 13th Realm

The 13th Realm are re-enactors who recreate European 13th century. Their family friendly demonstrations and activities allow guests to have first-hand experiences with this wonderful part of our past.

Celtic Spirit Pipe Band
Celtic Spirit Pipe Band

Stop by Celtic Spirit's booth to meet their members, learn about their pipe band and the instruments they play.

Cobblestone Alpacas
Cobblestone Alpacas  New!

Cobblestone Alpacas includes a wide range of hand-made products using various fiber crafting techniques, including weaving, knitting, crochet, felting, hand-dying, and sewing. Visit their booth for first-hand demos of these ancient arts, and to purchase from their variety of artisinal goods.

"D" Company Buffalo City Guard Gordon Highlanders
"D" Company Buffalo City Guard Gordon Highlanders

Stop by Gordan Highlander's booth to meet their members,  learn about their pipe band and the instruments they play.

High Striker Game
High Striker Game

"Step right up and test your strength!" A high striker, also known as a strength tester or strongman game, is a century-old attraction used in funfairs, amusement parks, and carnivals. Players swing a hammer to strike a lever, which sends a puck up a tower - the more strength, the higher the puck goes!

old fort niagara
Old Fort Niagara

All year-long the fort delights visitors, bringing history to life through soldiers, camp life, music, craftsmanship and more. Old Fort Niagara is located where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario, in a strategic location called “the key to the continent.” Since 1927, the site has been operated by the Old Fort Niagara Association.

old fort niagara
Royal Sottish Country Dance Society

Meet and learn a few dance steps with members of the RSCDS. They offer local dance sessions and classes in WNY.  

Ruff Rock Mining LLC
Ruff Rock Mining LLC

Fossils or gemstones...which will you pick? Select your bag of sand, pour it into a tray and let a 10-foot water sluiceway reveal your surprise treasures! Ruff Rock Mining also offers a unique collection of rocks, cut gems, geode crackers and fossils, many of which are labeled by the location they were found.

Society for Historical & Fantasy Times (SHFT)

Gain wonderful knowledge and hands-on experience with ancient weapons and battle skills. SHFT members perform demos all weekend long, giving presentations and letting guests join in as well.

spangler forge
Spangler Forge

Spangler Forge is a true blacksmith shop: no power hammers, hydraulic presses, or propane forges. They combine traditional hand-forging techniques with modern metallurgy to create unique and lasting pieces. Human spirit meets hot iron, just like it has for thousands of years.

wishing tree
The Wishing Tree

The tree's origins come from old Celtic traditions; variations include Fairy, May, and Votive Trees. Visitors add wishes (or prayers) as offerings to saints, deities or wee folk. At weekend's end they are ceremoniously sent to the heavens, where we hope many receive help in coming true!

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Clan Village

The history and pride of the Scottish people thrives in the descendants of the original families of Scotland and Ireland, known as Clans. They honor their ancestors by celebrating the traditions and heritage that have held their families together for generations. A visit is highly recommended, as the living history of Clan Village cannot be missed.

We're honored to welcome members of Clan MacFarlane Worldwide for their Annual Members Meeting!

Clan Grant

Clan Grant

Clan Henderson

Clan Henderson

Clan Masonic

Clan Masonic

Clan Morrison

Clan Morrison

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Celtic College

Celebrating history and heritage of the Celts is a priority for the Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival. The Celtic College hosts a series of cultural classes and lectures designed to educate and enlighten you. Here's your chance to learn first-hand about bagpipes, Celtic poetry, genealogy and more- new topics every year. Make sure your visit includes one or more of these FREE classes!

Saturday, Sept. 16



Private Event


Cornel Cymraeg: Intro to Welsh Speaking

with Christine McSorley **Attending Virtually**

Enjoy an introduction to a few Welsh phrases and the alphabet with language expert Christine McSorley- returning with her popular class! She is based in Nova Scotia, Canada and will be connecting to the class through a large-screen 'zoom' session.


Women's Scottish Attire, from 1250 to Modern

with Suzanne Anulis Bardo

Learn the difference between plaids and tartans, and the difference of kilts and erasaids. The class will feature the evolution of women's attire in Scotland, while also discussing origins of tartan names and much more.


Buffalo Irish Music

with Tyler Bagwell

 A musical review of Buffalo Irish Heritage


Blacksmiths: Poets, Wizards and Outlaws

with Matt Holland

Dive into the legends and history, and a little archaeology, of the blacksmith in North Atlantic folklore. Largely Scandanavian in focus, the lecture will include legends from Celtic folklore and mythology.


Sunday, Sept. 17





Intro to Genealogy: Tips for Getting Started

with Jeanette Sheliga 

It can be a bit overwhelming to start researching your family tree. This session will help beginners strategize how to answer their genealogical questions and learn about common resources that are available for researching. 


Music from the Seven Celtic Nations

with Mark Fletcher of Steel City Rovers

Journey into the distinct styles that define the music from each Celtic Nation. All born from the same roots, there are common threads - and yet - unique stylings that differentiate one region from another.


The Story of Mead

with Bryan DeGraw

Follow the fascinating story of mead from ancient times through modern production. The class will highlight Celtic mead history.


Scottish Herbalism and Ethnobotany 

with Kristin Grohman, Ethnobotonist and Herbalist

Learn about the traditional plants and ethnobotany of Scottish herbalism, which includes ancestral medicine, plant folklore and more.


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Niagara Celtic hosts a wonderful array of demonstrations and hands-on experience with a variety of animals, including breeds direct from the British Isles whenever possible.

dove release
Dove Release & Showcase w/ Katie Martin

**Saturday Only**

Be at the Wee Folk Shire on Saturday at 12:30pm so your kids can delight in a professional dove release. Learn about the birds and see their skills in action!

Shenandoah Acres Petting Zoo
Shenandoah Acres Petting Farm New!

Experience a wonderful array of farm animals first hand at our newest attraction. All ages will delight as they meet and learn about the lives of alpacas,  chickens, goats, bunnies, and more!  



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Wee Folk Shire


Open Saturday, 11am-5pm and Sunday 11am-4pm. Wonder and adventure are found everywhere in Niagara Celtic's Wee Folk Shire. Journey through four mini-lands (and a tree!) designed to encourage education, imagination, active play and togetherness.

Highlander’s Field

Finn McCool’s Giant’s Causeway hopscotch
Irish Pirate Toss
Pot O’Gold Toss
Practice Field: caber toss, stone throw, knight sword play
Wee Castle Golf

Vale of Glamorgan

Bubble Garden
Cornish Crow Kay
Daffodil Ring Toss
Sandy McCrabby Water Play
StoryTeller's Tree

Queen’s Keep

Celtic Crafts
Celtic Music Makers & Kiddy Ceildh
Face-In-the-Hole Boards photo opportunities
Face Painting
Fairy Quests & Knighting Ceremonies
Special Guest Performances
Toddler Pixie Play Area

Whimsy’s Knob

Brittany Bowling
Building Blocks in Gobban the Builder’s Hut
Castle Play
Draughts checkers
Gnome Hole
Knots & Crosses tic tac toe
Turtle Bay fishing & sand play

storyteller's tree
The Storyteller's Tree

Storytelling was vital during the time of ancient Celts, as a way to share history, lessons and fantasy.  Whether it's a fanciful teller of tales or a talking tree, spend time relaxing with our storytellers. Showtimes and story lengths vary.

mr. no the balloon guy
Balloon Art Fun by Mr. NO the Balloon Guy

**Saturday Only**

Watch magic and art combine as Mr. NO creates balloon sculptures of all kinds! Kids will delight as ballons are transformed into delightful characters. Find him in the Wee Folk Shire on Saturday.

Celtic Angels
Celtic Angels New!

**Sunday Only**

Celtic Angels are a youth choir that learns and perform songs in English and Irish Gaelic. Their choir is open to children of all ages at no cost.

wishing tree
Magician Nick Mambretti

**Sunday Only**

Nick has been magically entertaining humans of all ages in Buffalo NY, Niagara, Rochester, Fredonia, & surrounding regions with his unique blend of engaging wonder, relatable story telling, & comedy for over a decade. Catch his unique shows at the Wee Folk Shire on Sunday afternoon.

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