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2020 Performers

96th highlanders  

The 96th Highlanders Pipes and Drums, Inc.

The 96th Highlanders Pipes and Drums, Inc. of Jamestown, New York, is under the direction of Pipe Major Pamela Silver & Drum Sgt. Doug Clark & Drum Major John Shaughnesy. The 96th Highlanders proudly represent Southwestern New York and Northern Pennsylvania.


blarney bunch  

The Blarney Bunch

This popular South Buffalo band performs wonderful tunes that delight fans and fairgoers each year.


boughton hill band  

Boughton Hill Band

The Boughton Hill Band has been together in one form or another since 1996. They specialize in Celtic & Americana music, instrumental jigs, rags & folk songs.


catch and release band  

Catch and Release

Catch and Release is a 5-piece high-energy Celtic influenced band out of Rochester, New York. They cover both traditional and modern Celtic/Irish songs, as well as some standards, polkas, and even a few surprises. The band adds its own styling and rock beat to these tunes to provide the audience with a fun and engaging listening experience.


celtic spirit pipe band  

Celtic Spirit Pipe Band

Formed in 1999, Celtic Spirit has grown into one of Western New York’s top Celtic music performance ensembles. The band mixes traditional pipe music with various modern instruments in unique arrangements created by the band. The band’s performances span regular appearances at area Celtic festivals and traditional parade marching to playing high profiles shows.


gordon highlanders  

"D" Company Buffalo City Guard Gordon Highlanders

The Gordon Highlanders were formed in 1837 in defense of the City of Buffalo. They are the oldest continuing organization in the City of Buffalo, celebrating 176 years. They march in parades all across Western New York and participate in many community activities.


Feadán Òr  

Feadán Òr Pipe Band

Feadán Òr performed for about 18 years, and was one of the most known bands in the area. Their newest incarnation has been around for a few years now. Their aim is to promote traditional scottish bagpiping, drumming and dancing, in performances and through teaching (they also offer lessons in all three skills).


Irmandade Da Gaita  

Irmandade Da Gaita New!

We're excited to introduce traditional Galician folk music and dance, performed by Irmandade da Gaita (The Brotherhood of the Bagpipe). These talented musicians and dancers have been keeping the Galician culture alive through music and dance. Their angelic sounds with harmonizing bagpipes and traditional percussion will transport you to the rolling hills of Galicia, Spain.


Irish wake band  

Irish Wake Band New!

The band's goal is to celebrate love and life, covering all genres of Irish music. Fun and diverse, including blending storytelling to their sets, they work hard to ensure their audiences have a wonderful experience that leaves them smiling.


mackenzie highlanders'  

MacKenzie Highlanders' Pipes and Drums

MacKenzie Highlanders' Pipes and Drums With roots dating back to 1913, the band has had many incarnations over the years. Now the tradition continues... The MacKenzie Highlanders' offer free bagpipe and Scottish drum lessons to all interested in becoming a member.




Born in the days before alternative was a marketing term, McCarthyizm soon became a band known for blending 60’s garage and 80’s underground rock with strong melodies and intelligent lyrics. Add some raucous rhythm and a tasty measure of Celtic flavoring and you’ve got a cocktail with a punch that delivers one helluva good time, all the time.



Mudmen New!

Canada’s Celtic Rock Warriors have cultivated an amazing following of fans. Always entertaining and definitely unique, Mudmen are a blast of Celtic energy whose members are known to be characters both on and off the stage.


niagara frontier fiddle club  

Niagara Frontier Fiddle Club

The Niagara Frontier Fiddle Club is dedicated to the preservation and performance of Old Time Fiddle Music. We are an acoustical group and our motto is ‘Fiddling For Fun.’ We are an acoustic group made up of Fiddlers, Guitars, Banjo, Harmonica, Mandolins, Dobro and Spoons. We also feature singers and story telling, which provides us with a variety show that is pleasing to all who listen to us.


niagara regional  

Niagara Regional Police Pipes and Drums

The Niagara Regional Police Pipes and Drums is located in Niagara Falls, Canada. They perfom locally and across Canada and the USA at Scottish Highland Games and other Celtic events, both as a concert and competition Pipe Band.


penny whiskey  

Penny Whiskey

Penny Whiskey is a group of fun loving folks who truly have a good time doing what they love most…entertaining. They offer the best in acoustic music from Ireland & Scotland, along with home grown bluegrass and folk influences. With audience participation songs, rousing pub sings, comedy tunes and tearful ballads, Penny Whiskey offers something for everyone.


poor ould goat  

Poor Ould Goat

Poor Ould Goat plays Irish folk/rock, bluegrass, country, rock, Americana and original songs with high energy on acoustic instruments. The four members play a pile of instruments, collectively including mandolin, accordion, guitar, djembe, bouzouki, banjo, bodhran, doumbek, tin whistle, drum kit, and three vocals.


reardon & garvey band  

Reardon & Garvey Band

The Reardon & Garvey band performs traditional and contemporary Irish music, American Folk tunes, and some new contemporary songs. With the combination of 3 and 4 part harmonies and instrumentation, they keep audiences highly entertained.


rochester scottish  

Rochester Scottish Pipes and Drums

The Rochester Scottish Pipes & Drums is the city of Rochester’s Celtic Ambassador to the world, carrying its unparalleled tradition forward into the 21st Century. The band has greatly expanded its repertoire to include both traditional martial music and more modern tunes.


screaming orphans  

Screaming Orphans

The Screaming Orphans are four sisters with the good fortune to have been raised in the magic of Bundoran in County Donegal, Ireland. They can never forget their roots in traditional Irish music, drawing on a diverse set of influences ranging from Simon and Garfunkel, The Bangles to The McNulty Family, with a strong focus on melody-driven songs with pop and rocks strains.


seven nations  

Seven Nations

Seven Nations has created a truly hybrid sound and transient live show. The depth and complexity of their music is astounding, each listen reveals a deeper layer of intricacy that has been embraced by an ever growing audience. They joined Niagara Celtic for our 10th anniversary, and we're honored for their return to celebrate our 20th year.



SYR New!

SYR (Sire) is a Celtic Folk Rock band from Columbia, SC. Taking inspiration from Celtic history, stories and myth, SYR blends their various unique backgrounds to create powerful songs with themes like battle, love, loss, heritage and victory.


tom keefer and celtic cross  

Tom Keefer and Celtic Cross

Firmly dedicated to preserving Scottish and Irish heritage through song, Tom Keefer and Celtic Cross delivers music from their ancestors. Having played all over New York, in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Canada, they are "road-ready" for Celtic entertainment.



fg stage

Fireside Stage

Music and dancing at the Fireside is nearly non-stop all weekend, from local favorites to international rockers. It's the home for the Saturday Evening Ceilidh, and will be surrounded by lights, food, ceremonial fires- everything you love about Niagara Celtic!


dragonfly stage

Dragonfly Stage

Music is alive at the Dagda Faire! The Dragonfly will host a variety of musical acts, all with the goal of keeping the Dagda's atmosphere full of fun and excitement!


celtic arts stage

Celtic Arts Theatre

Celtic sounds originated with solo performers, small bands and groups. The Celtic Arts Theatre honors their modern counterparts who blend musical traditions and sounds with a touch of their own style. The theatre is our only indoor stage, and offers food and restaurant-style seating.


motte & bailey

Motte & Bailey Arena

This quaint wood arena has built in bleachers and a roof, allowing seating like you've never before experienced at Niagara Celtic. Enjoy dancers, pipe band showcases, unique demonstrations and more!