17th Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival & Highland Games

September 16 & 17, 2017

Saturday 10am-10pm | Sunday 10am-6pm

celtic college lecture

Celtic College

Celebrating the history and heritage of Celts is a priority for the Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival. Located in Region 6, the Celtic College hosts a series of cultural classes and lectures designed to educate and enlighten you. Here's your chance to learn firsthand about bagpipes, Celtic poetry, genealogy and more.

Make sure your visit includes one or more of these FREE classes!

Saturday, Sept. 16th




Kilt Folding 101

with the Sterling Invaders

Join the Sterling Invaders as they demonstrate the proper folding techniques and historical significance of various kilt styles, including the Great Kilt and the Earasaid.


Wales: History, Legends, and the Art of Storytelling

with Barrie Doyle

Barrie Doyle, Welsh-born author of the 'Oak Grove Conspiracies' series, shares the stories and legends of Wales, along with tips on how to be a captivating storyteller.


The Life and Times of Robert Burns Through Poetry, Prose, & Song

with Step in Time

Join band 'Step in Time' as they perform poems and songs to honor the great Scottish poet Robert Burns, all while delving into the amazing history of his life.


The Druids- Facts, Myths, and Legends

with Justin Chang

Celtic paganism is shrouded in mystery and myths. Join us as we sort through the facts and fiction of ancient druid practices and their modern counterparts.


The Irish Rebellion of 1798 in Song

with Rush the Growler

The Irish Rebellion of 1798 has inspired no end of great music. Band 'Rush the Growler' will be performing songs written to commemorate this historical event.

Sunday, Sept. 17th




The Basics of Bodhrán

with Two2Many's John McBride

The bodhrán (Irish drum) is an essential part of Celtic folk music. John McBride has taught bodhrán across the country, and works with all levels of players. Come to listen and learn at this entertaining workshop, or bring your own and join in the experience!


Celtic Herbalism

with Marie Merker

Learn the history of herbs and plants as they were used in the ancient British Isles, and how they can still be used today.


Cymraeg: An Introduction to the Welsh Language

with Hefina Phillips

Say it in Welsh! Learn some basics from the native language of the fair country of Wales. **Note: this is a special 2-hour workshop.


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May you live to be a hundred, and may I live to sing at your wake!

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